Lesbians have more intense sexual pleasure

A team of researchers at the University of Indiana, USA, is interested in the links that may exist between frequency of orgasm and sexual orientation. More than 6,000 singles, aged 21 to 65, defined as a representative sample at national level, have responded to an online questionnaire. The r├ępondants indicated their gender (male, female or other, but only the responses of the first two categories were taken into account), aloso their sexual orientation (heterosexual, gay / lesbian or bi) and a percentage of the number of times theyhave an orgasm with their usual partner.

A little less than half of the responses were analyzed for the moment, those 1497 men and 1353 women who had had sex in the last 12 months. These first results were published Monday, August 18 20140in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. For men, the results are nearly the same, either the respondent defines himself as hetero (85.5% rate of orgasm), gay (84.7%) or bi (77.6%). Among women, however, the figures vary much more significantly.

So while heterosexual say they have orgasms in 61.6% of cases and bi in 58%, lesbians, reported a rate of 74.7%.

For researchers, this disparity may result from the fact that "women who identify themselves as lesbians are more comfortable with their body, and therefore, on average, are morelikely to trigger an orgasm with their female partners. "