Most of us get our start in sexuality by masturbating.

Masturbation teaches us what turns us on, how we like to be touched and how to please ourselves.

Once you know what turns you on, you can share that information with a partner, or use it to please yourself whenever you feel moved to do so.

As women, we often aren't told much about our bodies, we're often ashamed of them and how they look. while men who enjoy sexuality are often given degrading names, called loose or promiscuous. None of this leads to a healthy sexual self-image. Masturbation is a safe and healthy way to get to know your body and explore your sexuality. If you're unsure of your sexual orientation, fantasizing about women while you touch yourself is one way figure out what you might like to do and have done to you by another woman.

Orgasms can help relieve stress

It eases menstrual cramps, help you sleep and just plain feel good. Those are just a few reasons to masturbate. So, where do you begin?

The first thing to do is to find yourself a private and quiet place. The bedroom or in a bath are good places to start.

Get yourself in the mood. Think of a sexy situation or fantasy. Read some erotica, look at erotic photos or watch an adult movie. Pick something that turns you on, regardless of the sex and gender of the participants.

Remove all or most of your clothing and find a comfortable position. Many women lie on their backs with their legs spread and knees bent. Others prefer to lay on their stomachs with a hand between their legs.

The bathtub is also a good place to masturbate.

Getting aroused usually involves a combination of mental and physical stimulation. Start by touching your breasts, your belly, you inner thighs. Think about your sexy fantasy or a woman you’d like to be with.

Touch yourself. Stroke your outer labia, your vaginal opening and around your clitoris. Try different pressure, rhythms and intensity. Change it up as your arousal increases. Rock your pelvis to meet the rhythm of your hands.

As you get closer to orgasm, continue the stimulation.

If you find you build, but can’t release, focus more intensely on your fantasy or try using a dildo or vibrator. Orgasm doesn’t necessarily happen every time you masturbate. Especially if you are new to it, it may take some time before you learn what you need to do.

Try inserting a finger or a dildo into your vagina.

Use lube if you want. Glide it in and out. Try to find your g-spot or just enjoy the sensation of something inside you.

Experiment with a vibrator. Press it above, below or on one side of your clitoris to see where it feels best. As you get more aroused, and ready to release, vibrate directly on your clit, then take it away. As you start to recover, add the vibration back and see if you can come again.

Try a shower head. Either in the bath or a shower, aim a stream of water at your clitoris, being careful not to shoot water into your vagina. A warm stream of water is one sure way that many women get off.

Lay face down and rub against a pillow or cushion and thrust your hips up and down, simulating tribadism.

Sometimes masturbation is good for a quick release, but also play around with controlling your orgasms. Get yourself almost all the way to climax and then pull away at the last second. Keep doing this until you can take it no more.

Masturbation doesn't have to be a solo venture.

Try masturbating with a partner. You can learn a lot about each other, watching how she touches herself.
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